Goodbye, Kizie!

It was great while it lasted!

With Kizie, the idea was to build a Twitter client with clean, clutter-free interface and more importantly a client that presents Twitter's data in a more meaningful and useful way. Features like Moodboard, Links Radar, Reader mode etc. in Kizie were an initiative towards that direction

I strongly believe that Twitter is more than just tweets, it's a platform where people come together to share not just textual information(and not always information), but also links, images, videos etc. Despite this, Twitter's current web app falls short in delivering this information in an engaging and practical manner

I wanted to solve that problem. I had no team, funding or even engineering skills to pull my thoughts in a proper way. All I had was this idea, curiosity and itch to make Twitter more meaningful and useful for myself and everyone else

Unfortunately Twitter team decided to restrict Kizie to use its API, twice. Which means Kizie can't work anymore. Hence, I have no option but to shut the app down

I want to thank all the users of Kizie and everyone who helped me build and improve it. It was fun building and growing Kizie :)